I have needed John's services two occasions (unfortunately) and I couldn't ask for more in a lawyer. Always went above and beyond. My phone call was even returned on a Sunday late in the evening. Always explained the situation in detail resulting in a less stressful life on my end. I would highly recommend allowing John to do the same for you. From the very first time we met it felt like i had known him for years. I have worked with other attorneys in the past and none of them brought these characteristics to the table which helped me immensely. Thanks much John and I can only hope that the next time we meet will be different circumstances.

Attorney John Barber

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You can be confident that I will fight for you because I have been fighting for others even before I was a lawyer. Before going to law school, I was a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division for four years. I am a veteran of the invasion of Panama…

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