Below are actual client reviews of Wilmington, Delaware criminal defense lawyer John A. Barber. John appreciates his clients and their willingness to share their experiences. Please keep in mind that the success of any legal matter depends on the unique circumstances of each case: no lawyer can guarantee particular results for future clients based on successes achieved in past legal matters.

Mr.Barber did a fantastic job, From the beginning he answered all my questions all my emails regarding my court case. Had me back in my home with in less than 30days. Made the process very easy with in 6 months all my charges were dropped. I couldn’t have had a better attorney.

– Andrew

I found Mr Barber to have exceeded my expections in a totally unfamiliar legal situation. He presents himself as confident and capable without making promises. His knowledge of and ability to navigate the local court system was immesurable in getting the best out come possible in a possession case. He was also helpful in procuring an early reduction in level 4 probation.

– Thomas

John was a fantastic defense attorney. Being that I have never been in any legal trouble in my life and had no idea what to do, not only was he affordable compared to other attorneys for first offense, but he has been doing this a long time and explained the process in ways I could understand. He has a lot of experience and is quite knowledgeable and having been a prosecutor before becoming a defense attorney, he knows a lot of people in the courts. He never gave me unrealistic expectations and always explained what I could potentially be facing for my DUI charge. And he was able to get me the best possible outcome for my situation. I will always recommend his services to anyone I come across who needs it.

– Richard

I must say mister barber did everything he said he would returned phone calls and e-mails one of the best lawyers i have ever had and I have had my fair share

– Matthew

Mr. Barber spoke with me by phone to discuss the details of my situation. He explained to me his level of experience based around my case.

– Anonymous

I had myself in a extremely bad situation… Charges and charges on top of themselves. I thought to myself, my life is completely over. Until I met Mr. Barber. I had a total of 12 charges when I met John. Before dealing with John, I felt like I was on a waiting list with the courts (covid). He was quick to respond and easy to talk to. He talked to me and made sure I understood what I was dealing with. He ended up getting me down to 3 charges and a chance to have them all cleared after finishing a few classes and probation… With the few short months of working with Mr. Barber and his team, they have made my life 100x better than what I could have been dealing with. If you need someone with great skills and personality, then this is they guy. He gets straight to the point and makes sure you know what’s going on. 10/10 in my book!

– John W.

I hired John Barber to represent my nephew. He was responsive to all questions and communications! A last minute hearing was scheduled, texted Mr. Barber an urgent message, and he arrived in time. We were amazed! Explained process to expect. Nephew had an amazing outcome. He went above and beyond in representation.

– Carol

John is exceptional, smart and most importantly kind. We were suddenly in a jam with our son who was out of state. We were panicked. John returned our call immediately, coached us through and kept us calm. He is extremely knowledgable and detailed. He knew what the process would be and walked us through it until the end. If you need an attorney, there is no one better, especially dealing with young adults. Parenting is hard, he gets it.

– Anonymous

“I offer the highest possible recommendation (A+++) for Attorney John Barber to represent anyone that requires a Criminal Defense Attorney”.

I would like to personally “Thank” Criminal Defense Attorney Mr. John Barber and his staff with handling a delicate situation. He and his staff were very polite, provided excellent service, demonstrated professionalism, and exhibited personal attention to all details. He even took the time to explain to me page by page about some documents that I had received from a 3rd party, which by the way, it was on his spare time (weekend) to answer all of my concerns about those documents. He responded on every email whenever I had questions and concerns. He always provided me with accurate answers.

Furthermore, he was able to have all charges dropped!

His fee is very reasonable and in my opinion, Attorney John Barber is an EXPERT in Criminal Defense. He’s the BEST in the State of Delaware.

I highly recommend using Criminal Defense Attorney John Barber.

Thank you,

– Elizabeth

Words cannot express my experience with Mr Barber. Prior to my case being initiated, he assisted me through the entire investigation stage to keep me up to date on what’s going on. Once charges were brought, he continued to educate me and keep me in the loop on every step of the progress, including what to expect and what I should (and should not) do. I was facing a minimum of 10 years in prison - and the outcome was simply a year of probation for a misdemeanor charge. John is a great mentor, provides fantastic legal advise, and has great connections within the system to assist his clients in every way he can. He is clearly a well respected lawyer amongst the community as well. His decades of experience clearly came in handy.
If I were to need his services again, I would go right back to Mr. Barber in a heartbeat. His price for service is reasonable and was worth every last dime!

– Anonymous

Excellent attorney
Mr. Barber was an excellent attorney he even arrived in court before [u]s. He was able to have all charges dropped which was almost impossible. Mr. Barbers fee was very reasonable and if i need counsel again i definetly will hire Mr . Mr. Barber again. Highly recommend using his services.

– Lorraine

Professional and very efficient.

I had a case and he was able to defend me very well. I can vouch him to anyone anytime! Very time[ly], communication with his office is efficient.

– Mercy

With his expertise, he achieved results well beyond our expectations! John is worth his weight in gold.

– David
– Michael

I have needed John's services two occasions (unfortunately) and I couldn't ask for more in a lawyer. Always went above and beyond. My phone call was even returned on a Sunday late in the evening. Always explained the situation in detail resulting in a less stressful life on my end. I would highly recommend allowing John to do the same for you. From the very first time we met it felt like i had known him for years. I have worked with other attorneys in the past and none of them brought these characteristics to the table which helped me immensely. Thanks much John and I can only hope that the next time we meet will be different circumstances.

– Nick