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If you are reading this because you or someone close to you has been — or may be — charged with a crime in Delaware, your first step should be to speak with an experienced criminal law attorney as soon as you can. The earlier you have an attorney on your side, the earlier that attorney can begin protecting your rights and avoiding consequences you may not even be aware of, such as automatically losing your license because of a DUI arrest or facing the academic consequences of a criminal charge at schools including the University of Delaware.

Learn more below or contact me now for a free consultation about your case. Based in Wilmington, I handle criminal charges throughout Delaware in the courts of New Castle County, Kent County, and Sussex County. I am also experienced in handling charges against juveniles, university procedures for students charged with a crime as well as Delaware criminal records expungements and pardons.

Delaware Misdemeanor Offenses and Penalties

Even misdemeanor offenses carry unfavorable consequences. For a first-time offender, a conviction can mean a blemish on an otherwise clean record, as well as fines and probation. If you have a prior conviction, a misdemeanor can mean intensive probation, heavy fines, and potential jail-time. It is absolutely necessary for you to have an attorney who understands the implications of being charged with misdemeanor offenses, and the experience as a trial attorney to successfully represent you. I have experience in handling all types of misdemeanors in Delaware, including:

Delaware Felony Offenses and Penalties

Being charged with a felony has life-changing consequences. A felony conviction results in a lengthy jail sentence and the loss of several civil liberties, and it is detrimental to future employment and career opportunities. It is absolutely necessary to have an attorney like me who understands the implications of being charged with a felony, and the experience to successfully represent you. I defend individuals charged with the entire range of felonies in Delaware:

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Delaware DUI

Being charged with Driving Under the Influence in Delaware has serious implications including loss of license, hefty fines, and potential jail-time. It is necessary to have a defense attorney who understands the ever-changing complexity of Delaware D… Read More

University of Delaware Students

Being charged with a criminal offense can be overwhelming for a variety of reasons, some of which are obvious. Being a student, the stress of how a criminal charge can affect your current standing in school, your family, and your future prospects is… Read More

Traffic Violations

Delaware traffic violations can carry hefty fines, points on your driving record, increases in automobile insurance, loss of license, and for some repeat offenses, mandatory jail-time. I am a criminal trial attorney experienced in handling all traffi… Read More

Drug Offenses

Being charged with any drug offense in Delaware has serious implications including mandatory jail time, intensive supervised probation, and heavy fines. You need to have an attorney who understands the ever-changing complexity of Delaware drug statut… Read More

Domestic Violence Charges

Delaware domestic violence cases can carry serious consequences: Potential jail-time, supervised probation, no-contact orders with family members and the household, and the loss of the Constitutional right to own or possess firearms and all other dea… Read More

Child Abuse Charges

Any allegation of child abuse is a serious matter. It can have long-lasting consequences, such as a permanent criminal conviction, supervised probation, and no-contact order with family members. Additionally, Delaware child abuse charges can have fur… Read More

Juvenile Charges

Delaware juvenile criminal cases differ from the adult system and you need an experienced attorney to ensure a proper defense. A criminal adjudication can have long-lasting implications for you long after you turn 18. And although the goal of juvenil… Read More

White Collar Crime Defense

White Collar criminal accusations are serious matters which carry severe consequences: Potential jail-time, supervised probation, hefty fines and restitution. Additionally, a conviction can have long-term career threatening consequences. Whether it i… Read More

Firearms & Weapons Charges

In Delaware, Firearm and other Deadly Weapon offenses carry severe penalties, including minimum mandatory terms of incarceration. Frequently, Deadly Weapon and Firearm offenses are charged in conjunction with other offenses, compounding the potential… Read More

Sex Crime Charges

Because of the stigma and publicity involving sex-related crimes, especially those involving children, you will face prejudice and discrimination from law enforcement, the jury, and even court personnel. A conviction for a sex-related offense in Dela… Read More

Expungements & Pardons

Aside from whatever immediate sentence is handed down from a judge to the convicted, a criminal conviction has the potential to foreclose many opportunities later in life. Whether it was an arrest, a juvenile adjudication, an adult conviction, or all… Read More